Katherine Mansfield’s short story “Sixpence” has a linear structure. The plot focuses on Mrs. and Mr. Bendall’s struggle to stop Dicky’s misbehavior. 

The characters include Dicky, a little boy with a free spirit, Edward, Dicky’s father, and Mrs. Bendall, Dicky’s mother. 

The physical setting is the family’s home. The conversation between Mrs. Spears and Mr. Bendall is set in the drawing-room. However, there are mentions of other several places, like the outside of the house or the little boy’s room.

The story is told by a third-person narrator who comments upon the characters’ actions. The narrator appears to tell the story directly to the reader, asking questions and even addressing them in the 2nd person.

The language of the short story is neutral for both dialogue and narration but the tone is humorous at times. Several symbols such as the sixpence highlight the meaning of the story.

You can read a more detailed analysis in the following pages.

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