Edward Bendall

Edward is a character in Katherine Mansfield’s story “Sixpence”. He is Dicky’s father and Mrs. Bendall’s husband. He works an office job and is the financial provider for the household. 

When he hears about his wife’s plan to whip Dicky, he is hesitant and does not understand the reason for doing that: “ ‘But why on earth should I start whipping him?’ said Edward, staring at the bear. ‘We’ve never done it before’ ”. This suggests that he does not believe physical punishment is necessary. 

However, as Mrs. Bendall keeps insisting, Edward gets more fed up with her nagging: “Her words flew from her lips. They beat around him, beat round his tired head”. Eventually, he gives in and does as she says: 

‘Here, that’s enough,’ Edward nearly pushed her away. ‘Give me that...

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