Commencement Address

A commencement address is a speech given to the graduating students typically at a university, though sometimes they are used in the graduating ceremonies of other educational institutions. The ceremony is typically attended by the students and their families, as well as by university staff. During co…


Textual perspectives

Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” speech is also a commencement address delivered to the 2012 graduating class of the University of Arts in Philadelphia. In the speech, Gaiman offers advice to the graduates, sharing with them things he wishes he had known when he was starting out in his career and some of the advice he has received from others along the way. Just like Steve Jobs’ address at Stanford, Gaiman also offers examples from his own life when giving advice to the graduates.

Michelle Obama’s Commencement Address at Bowie State University was delivered to the graduating class of 2013. In the speech, the former First Lady of the United States discusses the challenges young African Americans have encountered throughout history and can still encounter today when trying to access higher education. The message of her speech highlights the importance of education for present and future generations.

George Saunders is a popular American author and a professor at Syracuse University. George Saunders' Commencement Address was delivered at the 2…

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