Putting the civil rights movement into perspective

Racial discrimination is not unique to the United States but has been a constant challenge throughout human history. Next, we will present examples of institutionalized racial discrimination from other English-speaking countries such as the apartheid regime in South Africa and the Stolen Generation in Australia.

Moreover, we will describe other struggles for equal rights. Racial discrimination is only one form of discrimination. People are also often discriminated against based on gender, sexual orientation or religion. Three other important civil rights movements in the US are related to women’s rights, Native-American rights, and LGBTQ rights.

Furthermore, we will discuss modern day discrimination in the US. Despite the numerous achievements of civil rights movements of different minorities, discrimination is still present in the US today. While it is no longer directly backed by legislation, discrimination is still visible on the job market, in society, and even in certain state institutions.

You can read about all of these topics in the following sections.