In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, Ali is Baba’s servant. After Ali’s parents are killed by two drunk drivers, Baba’s father takes Ali in and treats him kindly:

Ali and Baba grew up together as childhood playmates—at least until polio crippled Ali’s leg—just like Hassan and I grew up a generation later. Baba was always telling us about the mischief he and Ali used to cause, and Ali would shake his head and say, ‘But, Agha sahib, tell them who was the architect of the mischief and who the poor laborer?’ Baba would laugh and throw his arm around Ali. (Chapter 4, 0%)

The relationship between Hassan and Amir mirrors the one between Ali and Baba. Ali has a limp because of polio and a congenital paralysis of his lower face muscles, and he is often bullied by neighborhood children because of it. However, he never retaliates and he is one of the gentlest people that Amir knows. Ali is Hazara

Ali married Sanauba...

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