Outer characterization

Amir is the main character of the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The first chapter reveals that Amir is twelve years old in 1975, so he was born in 1963. During his childhood, Amir lived in Kabul with his father, Baba. Amir’s mother, Sofia Akrami, died in childbirth. In 1981, Amir and his father take refuge in Pakistan because of the growing Soviet influence over Afghanistan. They live in Pakistan for six months, then they relocate to the United States. 

In the US, Amir majors in English and becomes a published writer. With the advance for his second novel, he and his wife, Soraya, buy a Victorian house in San Francisco. Although Amir and Soraya are unable to conceive, they adopt Sohrab – Hassan’s son – who comes to live with them in the US. 

Inner characterization

Amir dreams of winning his father’s approval

Since early childhood, Amir’s goal is to impress his father and win his approval. To Baba’s distress, Amir does not have a natural talent for sports and manly activities but dedicates himself to reading and writing stories. During a Buzkashi tournament, Amir witnesses a man being trampled by horses and spends the entire journey home crying, traumatized by the event: “I remember how Baba’s hands clenched around the steering wheel. Clenched and unclenched. Mostly, I will never forget Baba’s valiant efforts to conceal the disgusted look on his face as he drove in silence” (Chapter 3, 78%).

Amir is aware that Baba has high expectations of him and he is frustrated because he is unable to meet th...

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