The novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini delivers a message about what it means to be human. Hosseini’s characters are not idealized, but flawed and aware of their mistakes. Many of the novel’s main messages are relatable and relevant to the readers, which could heighten the appeal of the book.

By making Amir and Baba deal with their guilt and developing their own process of redemption, Hosseini delivers the message that making mistakes is human and that redemption from past mistakes is always possible. The book might also show that guilt can be used as a positive, motivating factor and lead people to do good deeds in the future.

The novel also highlights the dangers of unconditional loyalty. In Hassan’s case, his blind loyalty to Amir eventually leads to his demise. Hassan gets raped by Assef because he blindly sacrifices himself for Amir’s sake and keeps it a secret because he wants to protect Amir from Baba’s possible retaliation. 

The novel also delivers ...

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