Sacrifice is a recurring theme in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. First of all, the theme is illustrated by Baba, who sacrificed one of his sons for the sake of preserving appearances and his reputation. After having an affair with Sanaubar – a Hazara woman and his friend’s wife – Baba has a son, Hassan. Because his position does not allow him to publicly recognize Hassan, Baba sacrifices him and condemns him to an inferior status. As a consequence, Hassan grows up as a servant, is illiterate, and does not have the same opportunities as Amir. 

The theme of sacrifice is also illustrated by Hassan, whose devotion to Amir ultimately leads to his own demise. Throughout their childhood, Hassan sacrifices himself whenever he takes the blame for Amir’s mistakes. His greatest sacrifice, however, is the moment when he becomes Assef’s victim because he refuses to give up the kite he needs to bring Amir. Although Assef’s words are harsh, they are partly true and meant to show Hassan the unfairness of his position:

‘But before you sacrifice yourself for him, think about this: Would he do the same for you? Have you ever wondered why he never includes you in games when he has guests? Why he on...

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