Harry is the main character in the short story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway.

Harry is a writer. However, he admits he might have failed in this job, since he keeps putting off what he wants to write: “It was never what he had done, but always what he could do” (p. 45, l. 15).

Harry is also aware that he might not even be able to give justice to the stories he wants to tell if he were to begin writing them: “Maybe you could never write them and that was why you put them off and delayed the starting.” (p. 41, ll. 9-10). Therefore, we can say that his habit of delaying the act of writing is caused by his fear of failure.

Harry is bitter and cynical. He is cruel to Helen, calling her “ ‘rich bitch’ ” (p. 43, l. 43), and thinking of her bitterl...

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