Outer characterization

Helen is a character in the short story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway. She is seen through Harry’s eyes as “a good looking woman (...) and she had a pleasant body (...), not pretty” (p. 45, ll. 34-36). 

According to Harry, Helen’s relatives are “Old Westbury, Saratoga, Palm Beach people” (p. 41, ll. 36-37), which suggests she has a wealthy background and that she is upper class.

Helen enjoys reading, riding, and shooting, which are all pastimes practiced by the upper class. She is a good shooter (p. 46, l. 35). 

Helen’s first husband died when she was still young (p. 45, ll. 38-39). She has two children from that marriage (p. 45, ll. 39-40), one of whom died in a plane crash (p. 46, ll. 4-5). Helen describes herself...

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