The language employed in "The Twins” by Muriel Spark is simple and poses no difficulties for the readers. The main linguistic feature that dominates the text is the abundance of descriptive passages. For instance, a rather lengthy descriptive passage is employed when the narrator depicts Jennie:

“When Jennie was at school with me, she was one of those well-behaved and intelligent girls who were, and maybe still are, popular with everyone in Scottish schools (…) Jennie was not much use at hockey, she was good and quiet and clever, and we all liked her. She was rather nice-looking too, plump, dark-haired, clean, neat.”

What is more, descriptive passages are also employed in connection with objects, not necessarily to people: “That night, Simon came home just after six. He had bought two elaborate spinning-tops for the twins. These tops had to be wound up, and they sang a tin...

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