Laurie Saunders

Outer characterization

Laurie Sanders is an important character in the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue. She is the “model student” at Gordon High School: she is a smart, always smiling, pretty girl with light brown hair. She is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper The Gordon Grapevine (Chapter 1, 0%). 

Laurie always works with dedication and diligence. To her annoyance, the other writers of The Gordon Grapevine do not take the newspaper as seriously as she does (Chapter 1, 13%). 

The relationship between Laurie and her parents is very good. At dinner together, they talk about their day and tell each other all the news. Laurie’s boyfriend David is also a welcome guest at the Saunders home, and Laurie's father in particular gets along very well with him (Chapter 7, 57%.

Inner characterization

Laurie is the first to recognize


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