Power is one of the most important themes in the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue. Ben Ross sets out guiding principles for his movement. These are: “Strength through discipline”, “Strength through community”, and “Strength through action”, and he skillfully introduces them one after the other“ ‘Now when I talk about discipline, I’m talking about power,’ he said, making a fist to accentuate the point. ‘And I’m talking about success. Success through discipline. Is there anyone here who isn’t interested in power and success?’ ”(Chapter 5, 8%).

For history teacher Ross, discipline begins with good posture on the part of his students; in addition, he encourages them to begin questions and answers with “Mr Ross” and to speak very concisely, quickly, and clearly. If they are not asked a question or do not have a question, they should sit quietly in their seats and pay attention. 

By means of some games, Ross practices with his students how he thinks they should behave properly in class (Chapter 5, 15%-69%). However, it is not specified over whom the students have this power through discipl...

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